Permanently Shift your Exhaustion Through Holistic Lifestyle Design and Inner Transformation

When you get better, your life gets better!

  • Reprogram: Reframe and Shift Psychological & Emotional Stress Root Causes

    Discover your personal internal and stress root causes of why you developed Adrenal Fatigue in the first place (no, you didn't get here overnight, it has been brewing for awhile now). Rewire your thinking and habits toward long term wellness, from the inside out.

  • Replenish: Discover the Power of Deep Self Care as a Healing Practice

    Let go of trying to do it all, and bring the focus back to yourself. If you find yourself feeling rushed and revved up, and believe you have no time for self care, it's time to discover a new way of being to set the stage for recovery and healing. Discover your self replenishing self care rituals and make them part of your daily life.

  • Reboot: Restore Your Energy without following a Strict Food Plan

    No more diets or strict impossible to follow meal plans! Replace counting calories with self loving habits of nourishing your body with love. I offer sound nutritional guidelines, guidance for how to know what foods work best for your particular body, but never strict and hard to follow meal plans! The 21 Day Reboot Phase will help you discover what foods and habits are worsening your symptoms and reset your energy, mind, body and soul.

  • Restore: Implement Simple and Pleasurable Practices into Your Evening to Sleep Deeper

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Discover how to nourish your mind, body and soul with simple, pleasurable evening rituals, habits and self care practices that set the stage for restorative sleep, and wake feeling rested with more energy (you will wonder why you haven't spent your evenings like this forever)!

  • Remove: Recharge Your Adrenals by removing hidden energy leaks that are zapping your vitality

    We each have our own personal energy drains, and if you are a sensitive, introverted empath, care must be taken to protect your energy. Discover what yours are, and how to make different choices to maximize your energy FAST!

  • Rebalance: Overcome Overwhelm, Worry and Anxiety

    Dive into the toolbox of practices and tools for helping you master stress from within. This is a critical part of Adrenal health and recovery, and learning these tools will serve you for the rest of your life!

Core Program Curriculum

Included in your monthly fee

Choose from monthly payment or pay in full for the year and save 10%

6 month minimum commitment is required for monthly option. Pay in full for the year and receive a 45 minute Consulting and Coaching Session ($500 value).

BONUS 1: Warrior Women & Wellness Boot Camp

Supercharge The Program with this 6 Week Bonus Program


Warrior Women & Wellness 6 Week Holistic Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Boot Camp 

A 6 week holistic life makeover experience to finally overcome Adrenal Fatigue 🔥

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Is taking handfuls of supplements and crazy strict diets and protocols leaving you hangry and stressed out?

Are you afraid to eat the “wrong” foods they might make your Adrenal symptoms worse, and planning what to eat has become a full time job?

Do you find yourself mindlessly eating sugar, (shoving handfuls of chocolate chips in your mouth) and feeling out of control around certain foods? (AKA stress eating).

Are you feeling completely unfulfilled in your marriage/relationship and the stress of it is crushing you? You wonder if it’s supposed to be this hard all the time. Maybe you’re contemplating leaving but don’t have the clarity yet.

If so, I have the solution for you.

Here’s what we will be covering in this 6 week Boot camp I am offering as BONUS for joining the MYE Membership:

In addition to getting all access to everything outlined here in the membership - in this BONUS Boot Camp you will receive: 

  •  6 recorded video lessons 
  • Specific weekly challenge, focus to get you results faster
  • Directions for which modules to refer to inside the membership site

The Boot Camp BONUS is a $97 value.

Here's what is covered:

  • Week 1: How to Cleanse Your Body and Mind: You will be doing a gentle, self love, Body Love Cleanse + Adrenal Reset:

Remove the top 5 irritants to your digestion, adrenal and thyroid health, reduce inflammation and possibly shed some unwanted inches in the process. (Heck ya)!

"I should have taken a before and after picture. The weight is dropping off as I release all these stressors" T.C (past MYE program member).

This isn’t about strict rules and starving yourself. It’s about lovingly getting back in tune with your body, and connecting with key intuitive eating principles to know what your body likes and doesn’t like.

Cleansing tips and recipes are included.

Let go of the confusing and hard to follow complicated food plane, taking handfuls of costly supplements (that aren’t working) and driving yourself crazy in the Process! Create a solid adrenal Fatigue Recovery plan to take you to more energy and beyond - permanent lifestyle shifts are the goal. No unsustainable quick fixes here! (Note: If you are in a serious stressed state and haven't' done any inner work or feel completely overwhelmed, save this lesson for last and focus on weeks 2 - 6 and come back to the Reboot later).

Week 2) 🤦🏻‍♀️ Lesson 2: Rock Your Boundaries: Finally let go of feeling overwhelmed and stressed all the time. Discover where you need to set boundaries in your life with people, your time + energy. Includes an intro to setting boundaries Masterclass.

Week 3) 🍰 Lesson 3: Food and Body Freedom: Get off the dieting crazy train. Let go of diet obsession, exercise addiction, sugar addiction, and feeling like sh*t about your body and what you see in the mirror. You’ll uncover your emotional relationship to food blueprint and quickly shift from mindless eating to mindful eating. No more compulsively shoving food in your mouth that makes you feel like crap! Discover the ONE thing you can implement right away to stop eating your feelings. It works immediately for every single woman I have given it to to help them become more aware of when/why they eat.

Week 4) 🗣Lesson 4: Get Empowered in Your Relationship: Stop arguing and going around and around in endless fights with your partner. This kind of emotional stress is so harmful! If you’re exhausted from the struggle to get your partner to listen to you, to get on board with growing with you, and you feel like it feels bad more than it’s good, you’ll get clear on your core non negotiable needs in your relationship, as well as identify toxic patterns you must address to overcome stress related illness. Studies have show the critical connection relationship health has on our physical health, so I can't leave this out!

Week 5) How to Prioritize YOU (even when you have kids and a crazy busy life): No more feeling like everyone else’s needs must come first, meanwhile you’re depleted and have zero time to fulfill your personal needs for self care, pleasure, creativity and self connection. Discover the simple daily foundation practice to get your mindset, emotions, spirit and body in balance and alignment every single day - even in those small pockets of time you may have. Self care isn't a luxury, it is a necessity. Every single day.

Week 6) How to Master Your Mood: Depression and anxiety are not something to that has to control you! Do you feel emotionally reactive and like your losing your mind? Are you feeling unmotivated and uninspired about your life? Do Your emotions feel like they are controlling you rather than you feeling empowered and in charge of them? You snap at your kids, husband, the dog.. and swing from low to high strung in the same 5 minutes... discover how to use your emotions to guide you to you hidden unmet needs, and as your inner guide post to self healing from Adrenal and stress related health issues. Emotional stress is a TOP leading cause of illness, so it is critical to address where this is showing up in your life.

If you want to totally make over your life from the inside out, become empowered in all areas of your life, and kick Adrenal Fatigue to the curb, you are going to LOVE this!

It's like having me personally walk you through the core principles of this program!

Get your Inner Spark Back Starting TODAY!

Radically shift your life and energy while being supported along the way!

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Client Love

What others have to say about taking the Master Your Energy Program:

  D.T Vancouver, B.C

"I am getting through the day without needing a nap"

D.T Vancouver, B.C

"Before taking the 21 day Adrenal Reset course I was exhausted. I could not get through the day without a nap, I would wake many times in the night and I just felt unwell. After committing to the changes in the program I am getting through the day without the need to nap and sleeping much better. I highly recommend Leanne's program and work to anyone looking for optimal health and wellbeing."

"This program has truly helped me to refocus on me"


"This program has truly helped me to refocus on me. I like that the program works on the whole person.. the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. It's truly made me see links between all sides of me." C.C
V.D, Australia

"It felt so good to finally approach my Adrenal Fatigue from an emotional perspective"

V.D, Australia

"It felt so good to finally approach my Adrenal Fatigue from an emotional perspective. I uncovered a number of issues I need to work on further and felt like I’d finally discovered the missing piece of the puzzle that has been my journey with depression, anxiety and counselling thus far."

Your Leader and Instructor

  • Leanne Oaten

    Holistic Therapist and Coach

    Leanne Oaten

    Leanne Oaten has practiced as a Holistic Counsellor for over 6 years, guiding women back to their power, self connection and as a result, better health. She holds and education in Counselling Psychology and Coaching, and through her own personal healing journey though severe Adrenal Fatigue, anxiety and depression, she has discovered the missing pieces that are so often left out of the healing equation. She is on a mission to educate, inspire and lead women to their true selves, get empowered, and change their lives. She believes that in order to fully go after the life we desire, we must have physical energy and vitality, a balanced mind and mood, and the right attitude. Her passion is to bring all aspects of what it means to be 'whole' into her work, and offers a multidimensional, inside out approach to transformation and physical health,. She combines her extensive and specialized training, experience, and expertise in counselling psychology, as well as mindfulness coaching, fitness, nutrition and spiritual and energetic elements into her work with clients, group coaching, and online courses. For her blog, podcast and more, visit her website

How the program works and who it's for

This program is for women who are ready to get real about what is keeping them stuck. If you have tried supplements and strict hard to follow food plans, and yet, you aren't seeing a change in your energy levels, this program will guide you toward the shifts and changes you need to make to internally to start seeing results.
I'm Ready, let's do this!

What you Get When You Become an MYE Member

The journey to reversing Adrenal Fatigue can feel like a lonely path. Join with other women who are embarking on a similar path to changing their lives and health along with it!

  • Master Your Energy Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Program

    Work through the modules around your schedule. These are self paced modules you will study and implement on your own time, in a way that works for your life. Think of this program as your go-to took kit.

  • Private Facebook Support Group

    This group is the glue that brings the power of this program together. Ask questions, share your wins, and receive extra weekly challenges and a focus point to keep the momentum going toward your intentions and desires

  • Monthly Group Q & A and Coaching Call on Zoom

    Each month there will be a live class to deepen your transformation journey, and an opportunity for you to get coaching from me, outside of group postings. Attend live or catch the recording at your convenience

Here's What You Get:

Plus new updates and content added every month!

  • Access to my Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Master Your Energy Program

  • Facebook Group Community Support and Coaching

  • Weekly Mini Challenges inside the Facebook Group to keep you on track with your intentions and goals

  • 1 Group Coaching Call per Month with Q & A

  • Special VIP Members Bundle Rate for Private Sessions


Common questions from clients

  • What if I can't attend the workshops and live streams due to conflicts in my schedule?

    All workshops and live streams will be recorded, and are available for you to catch up around your schedule. If you want hot seat coaching on a specific issue you can ask it in the group prior to the call, or show up live. Coaching segments are NOT recorded to protect confidentiality and privacy of all members. You can post your question ahead of time and get it answered whether you attend live or not.

  • I'm already working with a Naturopath. Will this program interfere with my current recovery protocol?

    The MYE program is a powerful enhancement to any alternative health protocol you are on with your Naturopath, or Functional medicine doctor because it addresses the root causes, while supplements and diet address the physical realm.

  • Do I need to follow a strict meal plan or buy more supplements?

    I include guidelines for foods to increase and avoid to maximize energy as well as recipes, and a short list of helpful supplements to support your stress response, however these are not essential. I am not a doctor, so it isn't within my scope of practice to diagnose or prescribe any supplements and dosages. For this I recommend having a consultation with a Naturopath as you work through this program, if you are not already working with someone.

  • Why is is there a 6 Month Commitment required?

    After working with women for 6+ years, I have discovered that the majority of them need longer term, ongoing support. Adrenal fatigue can take as long as 6 months to 1 year to really see results, and having a supportive community around you as you move through this journey will benefit you in ways you can't even imagine!

  • How can I justify spending this money on myself?

    Your health is your most valuable asset. Without it, nothing else matters, and we invest in what we value. If I told you that you could purchase a one month luxury vacation for the same cost, you would likely find a way to make that happen. If not this, think of something else that fits with what you would invest in. If you value your health, and want a better quality of life, you have to invest in the process of achieving this result. If you haven't received the results you want up until now, even with a naturopathic protocol, it's time to do something different.

  • How much support will I get?

    See the above checklist of what is included in addition to access to the program. You will work through the self study modules at your own pace, and use the group as your classroom to ask any questions as you work through. I will be active in the group daily to answer specific questions, and we will have a structured weekly Q & A thread where your questions will also be answered. I will support and guide you to the best I can within the group, but you must take full responsibility for your results. Be resourceful, create your life with the tools I am providing. You get out of life what you put in. Your results are created by you.

  • I'm a Mom and I work during the day, how can I find the time to do this program?

    I have had Moms that work full time, have young children, and are the main income earners for the household achieve massive shifts and transformation in this program. A big part of this program foundation is choosing to make a new commitment to create time in your life that is all about YOU. You will be a better Mom, partner, entrepreneur or employee when your cup is full, and you are making your health and sacred well-being a top priority. You can do the modules on a designated day, evening or weekend that you schedule for you. Because the modules are self study, you can access them anytime, and as mentioned, you will be able to access all replays of any videos at your convenience. Many working moms find this the most convenient way to participate. No driving, childcare, or getting dressed required!

  • I'm not on Facebook, can I still participate?

    You will still have access to the MYE program and the monthly live Zoom workshop, but the Facebook group is going to give you a whole additional level of support and community. I recommend creating an account just for use of this program to participate in the group.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    There is a minimum 6 month commitment to reap the full benefits of this program. If you choose to cancel at the end of that period, just send us an email and we will cancel your payments with 30 days notice. If you go for the 12 month prepay option, after the 12 month period, you are welcome to stay on a monthly basis if you wish or provide 30 days notice and cancel at the end of the year.

Pricing options

Monthly, or Yearly Plan Options

Master Your Energy Member Testimonials

Life changing!!

"Thanks to this program I feel like I am finally getting to the root cause of my exhaustion and disordered relationship to food. I was always so focused on nutrition and exercise, Leanne has helped me turn my attention inward, to self-care, healthy boundaries and positive relationships. Life changing"!!

Just from the first moment of being aware, I've felt a significant shift in my recovery.

"For years, I've struggled with adrenal fatigue. I've always dealt with it from a purely physical standpoint, not taking into account how much my emotions and mental state affect me. Leanne helped me to see that! Just from the first moment of being aware, I've felt a significant shift in my recovery. I'm learning to listen to body, slow down when I need to, move when I need to, say no when I need and above all, to treat myself with self love".

I feel I am beginning to slowly, truly understand my adrenal fatigue.

"This course has created a shift in my awareness and allowed me to be more consciously aware of when I am living in ease and flow or in stress. It's helping me get to the core and more and more I feel I am beginning to slowly, truly understand my adrenal fatigue. It has helped me to unselfishly take time for more self care, put in boundaries, treat myself more gently and slowly try move away from the busy, striving way of living . It's a process and still lots more learning and healing ahead. Thank you Leanne for a practical guide to help me".


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I'm IN, Lets Do This!

Master Your Energy is a Whole Step by Step System for Regaining Your Energy in the Fastest Possible Way

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"When I found out I had adrenal fatigue, yet again, I despaired. I thought I immediately needed to change my diet and start taking a million supplements. Around that time, I stumbled across Leanne’s podcast and my outlook changed. I discovered that the root of my adrenal issues was how I approached life and dealt with stress, it was an inside problem. I dove into to the online programs, Food Freedom and Master Your Energy. I’ve learned a whole new approach to eating, and I’ve gotten off the diet train. Put good food in my body when I’m hungry, deal with the feelings that make me want to eat when I’m not. I’ve learned how to simplify my life, say no, create boundaries and have more time for self-care. I’m still very much a work in progress, but I am finally on a path to true healing for adrenal fatigue. I couldn’t have done with without Leanne!" ~Amy
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Master Your Energy is a Whole Step by Step System for Regaining Your Energy in the Fastest Possible Way